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Cessna Citation Excel

Cessna Citation Excel

All of this combines for an efficient, fast, and roomy business jet.

Roomy just begins to describe the cabin. The stand-up cabin allows this aircraft to be the roomiest in its class. All the space allows for increased productivity on the way to that important meeting. The stand-up cabin is thanks to a dropped floor that runs the length of the cabin. Speaking of length, the length allows for eight passengers.

The Excel is so popular that it is now on its third revision. Slight appearance changes over the years, as well as technological improvements have allowed this performer to stay relative in the current market. The combination of improved avionics and engines make for a solid combination that pilots and passengers, will enjoy. The improved performance and controls of the engines allows for faster time to climb, to avoid any and all weather, allowing for a smooth, enjoyable ride for the passengers. Another benefit of the technological improvements is the ability to operate from shorter runways, making sure you can get exactly where you need to go. Once again, Cessna provides another example of the Excel excelling.

Technicals & Amenities
  • Inflight WIFI
  • Seats 8 passengers
  • Leather seats
  • Full refreshment center
  • Fully enclosed private aft lavatory
  • Range of 1961 statute miles (1704 nm)
  • Cruise speed of 507 mph (441 KTAS), Mach .755
  • Terrain Awareness Warning System
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System

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