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Empty Legs

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What are Empty Legs?


“Empty legs” are flights that occur after dropping off a client and repositioning to the next airport for a future client. Desert Jet Empty LegThese flights are trips that must go, whether empty or with passengers, because another client is booked to use the aircraft down the line. Most operators do not like their aircraft to fly empty, as it represents waste and lost opportunity, so they work closely with other operators and brokers to find passengers for any empty flight they might have. Your best deal can be made if your itinerary lines up exactly with the departure and arrival points and times planned by the aircraft.

Using empty legs to fill your travel needs requires extreme flexibility. For example, if the client whose flight created the empty leg opportunity cancels his or her flight, the empty leg no longer exists and you could be left to find another flight.

Despite the challenges, many find that empty legs can be useful. Below is our current list of empty legs.

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