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Fuel Surcharges: Why?

Fuel prices are on a roller coaster ride and aviation, or Jet A, fuel is not immune to the constant changes.  We all have to keep our eyes and ears open for cheaper prices, incentives with minimum purchase or pricing trends that may be coming due to newsworthy circumstances.  However, during a business trip or… Read More

Flying High? Lower Might Be Better

Recently, we flew a first-time client who, unbeknownst to us, had just been released from the Mayo Clinic after having a successful lung operation.  When we met the client at the aircraft, he appeared to be in good health and made no mention of his recent medical experience. However, as we climbed up to our… Read More

Clearing Customs in Canada by Private Jet

When traveling to Canada by private jet, you’ll find Canadian customs procedures to be a bit different than those utilized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. One of the main differences you’ll experience before you even leave the United States is that your captain will ask you if you have anything to declare upon arrival… Read More

Choosing the Right Charter Aircraft

When choosing a charter aircraft for your next flight, there are many variables you should consider, such as; The number of passengers traveling The distance away to the destination The amount of luggage you need to transport Any special needs such as traveling with pets, carrying over-sized or delicate equipment, needing on-board communications equipment Light… Read More

ACANA- The Air Charter Association of North America

Desert Jet continually strives to adapt and maintain above and beyond standards in a fast evolving industry.  Teaming with the Air Charter Association of North America was an obvious fit for Desert Jet, as an organization that was formed to provide a benchmark for professionalism and excellence. Desert Jet is one of the few who… Read More

What is an Aircraft Dry Lease?

A dry lease enables an aircraft owner to legally earn revenue by allowing an entity to use the aircraft through a contractual agreement.  Typically, the aircraft can be leased hourly, monthly or annually.  The reference to a “dry” lease means that the aircraft is being provided without fuel or flight crew.  The entity leasing the… Read More

Keeping Your Aircraft’s Avionics Repair Costs Under Control

When aircraft avionics fail, the repair costs can be quite substantial.  Computers are now integrating into virtually every part of our lives and we all know that they fail occasionally.  Modern aircraft are no exception; even though the computers within our modern aircraft are extremely reliable, even they can fail.  When these computers fail, the… Read More

The Right Stuff and Corporate Jet Pilots

Choosing a pilot for your corporate jet should, at first glance, be an easy task to accomplish. Airline transport pilot certificate, first class medical certificate, type rating, education and experience; check!  These qualifications fit the requirements put in place by your insurance policy but are they really enough to ensure you have made the right… Read More

How to Choose a Base for Your New Aircraft

When planning for the acquisition of a new aircraft, one of the considerations will be where you should base the aircraft. There are numerous factors to take into consideration when choosing the base for your new aircraft.  Generally, you’ll need to choose a specific airport and then choose a facility at that airport. When choosing… Read More

How an Aircraft Manager Can Help You With Your Next Aircraft Purchase

When purchasing a jet aircraft, using a well-qualified team of professionals ensures you are provided the most accurate and beneficial guidance during the transaction. While you will likely contract with a broker to handle the acquisition, you shouldn’t stop there in assembling your acquisition team.  Ideally, your team will consist of your broker, an aviation… Read More

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