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Study Shows Use of Business Aircraft Drives Success

The National Business Aviation Association and the No Plane, No Gain initiative recently responded to a Forbes editorial questioning the use of business aircraft with a recent study by NEXA Advisors.  The study clearly underscores that companies that use business aircraft outperform those that do not by a wide margin. Businesses that rely on aviation… Read More

What is a Certified Aviation Manager?

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) provides certification of aviation professionals through its Certified Aviation Manager program.  The certification process includes an in-depth qualification procedure which considers the applicant’s experience level in managerial positions as well as higher level education in aviation specialties.  The applicant’s experience and education is reviewed by a panel of Certified… Read More

Busting the Myths Behind the FAA Conformity Process

Myth: Adding an aircraft to a part 135 aircraft charter certificate through the FAA conformity process is long and expensive. Fact: The ease in which your aircraft goes through the FAA conformity process depends largely upon the expertise of the charter company’s management team, though the maintenance history of the aircraft also plays a part.… Read More

Cessna Citation CJ3

Using the proven method of improving on past versions, the Citation CJ3 is here to play. Unveiled at the 2002 NBAA convention, the Citation CJ3 is a stretch of the CJ2, which is a stretch of the CJ1. With a cabin that is nearly 16 feet long, this version gives you even more room to… Read More

The Electronic Flight Bag Goes Digital

The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has evolved over the last 20 years from a complicated cumbersome addition to the cockpit to a device essential to the contemporary pilot.  The EFB is a device that allows flight crews to perform a variety of functions that were traditionally accomplished by using paper documents. The EFB can perform… Read More

Desert Jet Values Safety

At Desert Jet we have been leading the way in one of the most important culture changes in aviation history, the implementation and practice of a Safety Management System.   Desert Jet’s dedication to improving how we operate and make decisions is influenced by our ability to dramatically reduce the amount of risk we operate by. … Read More

IS-BAO – What It Is and What Does it Mean in Aircraft Charter?

IS-BAO stands for “International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations”.  This code of best practices was introduced by the International Business Aviation Council and has been widely adopted as the worldwide gold standard for business aircraft operations.  It is similar to the ISO-9000 quality management standards in the manufacturing industry.  The IS-BAO has been endorsed by… Read More

Corporate Jets – The Indespensible Business Tool

Let Desert Jet make your trip more productive – charter a corporate jet for your next business flight. Travel has been a part of business since the beginning of time. From the days of taking ocean liners to visit business centers across the ocean, to driving cars across country to visit clients a state or… Read More

What is a Fixed Base Operator?

As an aircraft charter operator utilizing over 5,000 airports nationwide, we are frequently asked about the infrastructure in place at various airports designated to service aircraft and allow passengers access to their aircraft.  Many airports utilize a private jet terminal, also known as an FBO or “Fixed Base Operator”. A fixed based operator could be… Read More

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