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Desert Jet Renews ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating

February 3, 2016, La Quinta, California – Desert Jet, the premier aircraft management and charter company based in the Palm Springs area of California, participated recently in an ARGUS Platinum renewal audit and earned the Platinum safety rating.

The prestigious Platinum Rating is ARGUS’ highest level of safety ratings and is awarded only to those air charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance after a thorough and in-depth examination of the company’s policies and procedures, compared against a constantly evolving set of industry best practices.

“Desert Jet is committed to a strong safety culture and continuous improvement that comes directly from the input of our team members”, said Denise Wilson, President and CEO of Desert Jet.  “Our Director of Safety, Chris Howard, has created an inclusive environment where everyone’s input matters and our team is actively engaged in making improvements to our operation”.

In a congratulatory letter written to Desert Jet, ARGUS International, Inc.’s President and CEO, Joseph Moeggenberg, stated, “Desert Jet is one of the elite Platinum operators in the world.  Completing the rigorous historical evaluation and on-site audit successfully is testament to you and your team’s commitment to industry best practices.”

Fewer than 5% of all charter operators in the U.S. have earned the ARGUS Platinum rating.

About Desert Jet

Desert Jet’s fleet of business jets fly corporations and high net worth/high profile individuals that value time and increased productivity without the hassles and inconvenience of airline travel. Structured as the private car service of the sky, private flyers can use Desert Jet’s services as they need, with no requirements like buying a fractional share, jet card or membership.  Desert Jet’s asset management enables aircraft owners to enjoy the benefits of fleet efficiencies including reduction in operating costs, and innovations in safety, training and compliance that are typically only available to large managed aircraft fleets. The company is also a broker of new and used aircraft acquisitions and sales. For more information, visit the Desert Jet website at, email or contact (800) 381-JETS.

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