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Case Studies

Real Stories About Aircraft Owners We Have Helped


Case Study #1

At the request of one of our aircraft owners, Desert Jet flew the owner’s Citation over 700 hours in revenue-generating operations in 2011 , earning $1,700,000 in gross revenues. The owner’s portion of this revenue paid for all of the costs of operating and owning the aircraft, including maintenance, crew salaries and training, insurance, hangar, fuel and most of the mortgage payments, for three years.

Case Study #2

In the last 12 months, one of our Citation aircraft earned enough revenue to cover all of its fixed and operational costs, such as fuel, maintenance, pilot salaries, training, insurance, hangar, cleaning, etc., as well as the costs incurred for the aircraft owner’s flying, plus a tidy profit (six figures) left over. The aircraft flew just over 500 hours between revenue and business flights. Due to Desert Jet’s own refurbishments, the plane’s appearance is better now than when we first began charter operations.

Case Study #3

An owner approached us to help him earn revenue after spending a year with a charter company that was unable to deliver more than 10 hours of charter per month. Not only did we provide the owner’s request of a consistent monthly minimum of 25 hours of charter, we also uncovered several operational inefficiencies and maintenance oversights by the previous management company that unnecessarily cost the aircraft owner hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Case Study #4

An aircraft owner approached us eleven months into his ownership about a problem he encountered where his California State tax exemption for interstate commerce had been denied. We quickly sprung into action and provided 75 hours of charter over the next three weeks to enable him to qualify for a commercial tax exemption, saving him several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Case Study #5

A pilot who wanted to buy his own jet approached us for assistance in the acquisition as well as in helping him gain his first jet experience. The pilot was able to strike an excellent deal on an almost-new aircraft. Flight training began right after delivery and the aircraft was added to our charter certificate within three days. The pilot earned his single pilot type rating and began flying the aircraft single pilot with minimal insurance hassles.

Real Stories About Aircraft We Have Bought and Sold For Clients

Case Study #1

We had a client approach us regarding his frustration with his aircraft acquisition. He had hired a traditional broker six months previously, made a few offers, but still had no aircraft.

We promptly moved into action and located just the right aircraft to meet his needs. We successfully negotiated a deal with the seller’s agent. Within two weeks, the client was not only a new aircraft owner,  he was also up and running with a full flight department as well as earning charter revenue.

Case Study #2

A client approached us for assistance in purchasing an aircraft as well as selling his current aircraft. The aircraft he wanted had a long manufacturer backlog but he needed to put the aircraft into service immediately. We were able to locate a private individual who owned the desired aircraft after having taken delivery from the factory just a month earlier but had flown the aircraft for less than 40 hours. We successfully negotiated both the sale of the current aircraft as well as the purchase of the new aircraft concurrently, preventing any like-kind exchange issues. We also successfully obtained an exemption from California state sales and use tax on behalf of the owner.

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