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Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream 200 has everything that could be desired in a private jet: great range, cabin size, and speed. It’s the ideal jet for completing long-range missions rapidly and comfortably.

Desert Jet Gulfstream 200 Exterior

The flat floor in this airplane makes for an impressive space.  The nine-seat leather configuration includes six captain’s chairs and a three seat divan in a 25 foot long cabin, with an impressive cabin height of 6.3 feet.  Transcontinental crossings are easily accomplished thanks to the 3,400 mile range.

An added bonus of the Gulfstream 200, having been designed in the extreme temperatures of Israel, is its capacity to Desert Jet Gulfstream 200 Interiormaintain a cool cabin. The Gulfstream 200 can cool the cabin to 75ºF on a 113ºF day. Both the cabin and the cockpit have separate climate controls, and the air in the temperature control system continually provides the passengers with fresh air instead of recirculated air.  The dual zone cabin temperature controller allows the separate zones to be conditioned to whatever is comfortable for each area.

The ability to fly nine passengers all the way to their destination, without stopping or leaving baggage behind is one of the attributes that makes the G200 such a popular aircraft, and one that is not found in many other aircraft. Relatively high wing loading makes for a smooth ride in turbulence as well, only adding to the appeal that the Gulfstream 200 offers.

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