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Gulfstream G200

Gulfstream acquired Galaxy Aerospace and with it came two distinct airframes, one being the G200. The G200 is a super-midsize aircraft that fits into the product line quite well. It complements the large size product line that Gulfstream has been known for for so long.


The flat floor in this airplane makes for an impressive space that allows for any and all sorts of business and pleasure to be conducted. The stand-up cabin only adds to the interior that impresses. A cabin that can be configured to hold anywhere between eight and nineteen seats shows the flexibility of this vehicle. Being almost 25 feet long, cabin space is abundant. The dual zone cabin temperature controller allows the separate zones to be conditioned to whatever is comfortable for each locale.

Transcontinental crossings are easily accomplished thanks to the 3,400 mile range. This fits nicely into the overall scope of Gulfstream’s fleet, fitting into the range with aplomb. Design refinements allow for reduced drag, making for an even more efficient airplane.


Using area rule technology, drag is reduced by quite a bit over non area-ruled designs. Just like in the G150, composites are used to lighten the load as well as improve aerodynamics by being formed into complex shapes that would cause a lot of work with aluminum.

The ability to fly eight passengers all the way to their destination, without stopping or leaving baggage behind is one of the attributes that makes the G200 such a popular aircraft, and one that is not found in many other aircraft. Especially ones in the cabin segment that the G200 succeeds so well in. Relatively high wing loading makes for a smooth ride in turbulence as well, only adding to the appeal that the G200 offers. Gulfstream surely has a segment leader on their hands and will continue to improve the G200 over the years, just as it has done with others in the Gulfstream family.

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