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Cessna Citation V

Cessna Citation V

The quiet, comfortable interior of the Citation V boasts a 17 plus foot cabin, the longest cabin of any jet in its class. The center club seating arrangement is appointed with dual fold-down executive tables. Hardwood sliding doors conceal a private lavatory that includes belted seating for an additional passenger. Exceptional short-field capabilities and cruise speeds of just under 500 mph make this aircraft a great choice.

The Cessna Citation V was the first in the series of the very popular model 560. The Citation V is a turbofan powered, light jet. Most cabin layouts include seating for 7 to 8 passengers and a lavatory with a seat belt for an additional passenger if need be. Fully adjustable seating, folding tables and refreshment centers are available to passengers, making travel, quite comfortable. The cabin, cross section is 5 feet wide and 5 feet high and was taken from the Citation II, however, the cabin length was stretched another 20 inches to 17 feet, allowing for seating up to 8 passengers.

The Citation V was developed from the base design of the Citation II/SP, and larger Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines were installed. The Citation V is a very popular aircraft, and 262 were built before the Citation V was upgraded once again to the Citation Ultra with more modern avionics and engines. The Citation V is extremely easy to fly and operate, cost effective, maintenance friendly, very safe, reliable, practical, affordable, and versatile. The Citation V is able to operate from short runways at high altitudes and temperatures due to its straight wing design, a tradeoff for top end speed, at 495 miles per hour. The straight wing design allows the aircraft to fly at very low approach speeds as well, maximizing safety and landing performance.

The Citation V is able to climb at an impressive rate of 3,650 feet per minute, and is able to reach a maximum cruising altitude of 45,000 feet. The Citation V will transport passengers comfortably and quietly just over 2,250 miles with a 45 minute reserve of fuel if faced with inclement, rapidly changing weather. The equivalent distance is from Palm Springs, California to Chicago, Illinois with a very safe and comfortable reserve of fuel for diverting to an alternate airport. The Citation V’s range comfortably reaches from Palm Springs, California well into Canada and Mexico with a large reserve of fuel. The Citation V is the perfect aircraft when considering hourly cost, capability, range, speed, takeoff, climb and landing performance, and comfort. It is no wonder why the Citation V and Citation 560 series aircraft is one of the most popular business aircraft ever built!

Technicals & Amenities
  • Seats 7 passengers comfortably
  • Leather seats
  • Full refreshment center
  • Fully enclosed private aft lavatory
  • Range of 1961 statute miles (1704 nm)
  • Cruise speed of 499 mph (434 KTAS), Mach .75
  • Terrain Awareness Warning System
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System
  • Maximum seating capacity of 8 passengers

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