We manage your aircraft, so you can focus on managing your business and life.

You purchased an aircraft to save time, not to manage the intricacies and responsibilities associated with maintaining a flight department.

With the right management company, your expenses are actually less, not more. Enjoy significant cost savings on crucial aircraft services such as;

  • Fuel

Significant discounts, up to 30% off retail prices

  • Maintenance

Discounts on labor and parts pricing with our preferred providers

  • Crew Training 

Savings of up to 60% off retail rates

  • Hangar 

Significant discounts at our locations

  • Insurance 

Lower rates with broader, more flexible coverage

More importantly, we provide the operational expertise to ensure your aircraft is always operated within the highest standards.  We make certain your aircraft is operated in compliance with FAA and other governmental entity standards as well as highly-regarded standards such as the global IS-BAO standard for business aircraft operations.

With Desert Jet, you have access to your own private flight department around the clock without the expense required to maintain that level of convenience.  In addition, we offer;

  • Fully vetted, trained and experienced flight crew at your disposal
  • Access to other aircraft in our charter fleet at significantly reduced rates
  • Detailed cleaning of your aircraft after every flight
  • In-depth financial and operational reporting
  • Travel concierge services to assist with your car, hotel and other arrangements
  • Turn-key compliance with all regulatory requirements

Ready to Learn More About Aircraft Management Options?

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